Wayside Helping to Spread the Gospel in Gujarat India

In Northwest India our Church family faces many obstacles, between a small Christian population, a lack of education resources in the area, and often violent persecution, but the Lord is at work bringing more people to saving faith in Jesus who are faithfully seeking his will in a culture deeply ingrained in Hindu worship.

In Gujarat, India there is a pastor who has been faithfully proclaiming Jesus name  among these obstacles. He does so full of joy refreshed and encouraged by your love from Wayside Communities Church.

Bakul and Jenet in 2016 in Austin

Bakul and Jenet in 2016 in Austin

This is our brother Bakul, who many of us got the chance to spend some time with when he came to visit last summer. You may not know it, but you, through Wayside have been funding his ministry effort for over a year, and the encouragement he and his wife Janet have received from you continues to grow.


Because there are few well-trained pastors in Gujarat, Bakul’s ministry is vast and deep. He is currently supporting in the oversight of 5 village churches in the Panch Mahal District, he is partnering with churches led by the Christian Missionary Alliance, holds a weekly bible study in a slum area, and supporting church planters in southern Gujarat.

Updates from the field:

Bakul is associated with Ariel ministries and is the sole staff member for Ariel India.

Panch Mahal District

Panch Mahal District.png

Bakul has been asked to oversee and pastoring several village churches in Panch Mahal District. Many people are coming to faith here amongst the tribal people and they need good Bible teaching and discipleship. But the persecution from the Hindu radicals is also increasing in this region.

Panch Mahal 2.png

Christian Missionary Alliance (CMA) Churches:

For the last few years Bakul has been working with CMA pastors and churches to establish a platform where to share ARIEL teachings. He has taught many lessons in these CMA churches including Revelation, The Jewish Feasts, and Eschatology. Bakul has met with several pastors and leaders from the CMA denomination and they have now asked to enter into discussions where Ariel India can partner with CMA to deliver these valuable teachings.

Meeting with CMA leaders and pastors 

Meeting with CMA leaders and pastors 

Meeting in the Christian Book store ministry run by CMA

Meeting in the Christian Book store ministry run by CMA

Weekly Bible Study in Slum Area:

For several years, Bakul has been teaching at and supporting a Bible Study in one of the slum areas in Ahmedabad, India. The Bible study is made up of people from different churches in the area but who are hungry for good Bible teaching. They meet in a friend’s house and are very simple and passionate believers.

Weekly study Ahmedabad.png

New Mission Fields in South Gujarat:

Bakul has been partnering with a group of passionate church planters, pastors and evangelists working tirelessly in the Southern part of Gujarat State. He is very excited about this work as it opens up huge new mission fields for his ministry.

Bakul is personally very passionate about ministering to these people as they are very simple and extremely hungry of God’s Word! This work is growing very fast in South Gujarat despite increasing persecution from Hindu radicals and the government. But the work is struggling to find enough financial resources to keep up with the growth and projects. If you’re interested in possibly supporting this church planting and teaching work, please contact Bakul.

How Wayside has joined alongside Bakul

We’ve been financially contributing to Bakul’s ministry $300 a month for over a year through the Wayside Missions fund. This small contribution has been funding his family and ministry!

We’ve met with Bakul weekly to pray, encourage him personally, and support him with educational resources.

We’ve helped Bakul continue his education through Grace Biblical Seminary

Thanks to 21st century video conferencing technology, Wayside is helping Bakul equip more leaders in Gujarat by having our pastors contribute as adjunct professors beginning in January 2018.

How you can personally support Bakul

1. Pray

Pray For Bakul, Jenet, and their daughter Selena who is finishing college in Canada majoring early childhood development.

2. Contribute Financially

Join us in financially supporting Bakul and other missionaries proclaim the Good News of Jesus by contributing a recurring gift  to the Wayside missions fund.

3. Connect

Connect with Bakul over skype or Facebook and share your encouragement
Find his contact information here


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