Austin, Texas

Austin’s population is...


Austin needs more churches!

  • Over the next 15 years, the population of Greater Austin is estimated to grow 53.9% to 3.06M.
  • That’s an average of 1,375 people moving into Greater Austin every week for the next 15 years!


Austin needs more churches that are sharing the gospel!

  • In 2010, 53.8% of Travis County residents (550,902) were “unclaimed” by any faith group.
  • 42.1% of residents (431,028) were claimed by “Christian” groups (only 16.4% by Evangelical Protestant groups)


Austin needs more churches that embrace diversity!

  • In 2013-14, Travis County ranked 12th in the nation in terms of population change with 61.8% coming from migration to Austin (29.7% of which was international migration).
  • The growth rate of Latino and Asian households far exceeds the growth of Anglo households. 2


Austin needs more churches that model unity in diversity!

  • Generational: “[O]pinions of Austin differ dramatically by age, with people in the 18-34 category generally happy with Austin and those older much more likely to be unhappy about its growth and skeptical about its future.” 3
  • Socioeconomic: “Austin ranks as the place where wealthy, college-educated professionals and less-educated, blue-collar workers are least likely to share the same neighborhoods.” 4
  • Ethnic/Racial: “Maps of Hispanic household concentrations from Census 2000 reveal the emergence of three overwhelmingly Hispanic population centers in Austin.” 5 / “Over the past 25 years, middle-class African American households have left east Austin for the suburbs and other parts of Austin.” 6

The solution is Jesus! We believe that Austin is poised for a cultural revolution precipitated by a spiritual awakening throughout the entire metropolitan area. We are praying that Austin, Texas would become truly “weird” in Christ as more and more men, women and children place their faith in Jesus and live it out in such a way as to be truly counter-cultural.


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