Luke 18:35-43 - "Blindness Healed"

Christians and non-Christians alike are affected by spiritual blindness, and it keeps us from seeing God, ourselves, and others as we ought to. But if we respond to Jesus with faith, then He will heal our spiritual blindness. In our passage, we see a blind man responding with faith in vv. 35-39, and then we see the incredible results of that faith in vv. 40-43.

Luke 13:31-35 - "Fearlessness and Faithfulness"

The truth is, none of us are more than a few steps away from abandoning our God-given mission due to internal fears or external pressures. Today’s passage reminds us that we can find hope for finishing well in Christ. Jesus never abandoned His God-given mission but finished out His earthly ministry with fearlessness and faithfulness. Jesus knew that His suffering, death, and the postponement of God’s Kingdom was in accordance with God’s will.