Our Core Values

The New Testament is clear on what a local church should be about. At Wayside, we've come up with a simple, memorable way to remain focused on these core biblical functions of the church. These three words represent both our core values and our over-arching ministry strategy:


Living out God's Word

We want everything we do at Wayside to be grounded in and founded upon God's Word. This certainly goes for our preaching and teaching, but also for everything that happens both on Sunday mornings and throughout the week.

Related ministries: Sermons, Kids' Ministry, and Men's and Women's Bible Studies.


Living as God's People

We believe that the Bible describes what Christian community should look like, and we also think that many Christians aren't experiencing such community. Our hope is that the people of Wayside would experience and live out the biblical commands to love one another, carry each other's burdens, encourage and pray for one another, etc.

Related ministries: Worship Services, Ministry Teams, Vision Gatherings, Fellowship Gatherings, Discipleship Groups.


Living on God's mission

This is about partnering with other Christians to fulfill the mission of the Church by bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to everyone, both locally and globally. 

Related ministries: Evangelism, Baptisms, Parent Dedications, Mission Trips, and Supporting Local and Global Missionaries and Missions Organizations.