Ben Brummett

Luke 13:10-17 - "Hopelessness + Lovelessness

Even though atheism is declining globally, many people still live without hope in God or love for others. Since Jesus is the source of hope and love, we must point such people to Him. In our passage, Jesus confronts both hopelessness and lovelessness in Israel. As followers of Jesus, we will inevitably have opportunities in our lives to influence both hopeless and loveless people as well.

A Wayside Christmas (2018)

Too many of us miss out on the true joy and peace of Christmas because we miss the point of who Christ is and why He came to that manger in the first place. Matthew’s genealogy is a powerful reminder that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah who came to fulfill God’s promises to Abraham and David, and to bring the joy and peace of God’s grace to sinners and strangers like you and me.