Our Core Values

The New Testament is clear on what a local church should be about. At Wayside, we've come up with a simple, memorable way to remain focused on these core biblical functions of the church. These four C's serve as both our core values and our over-arching ministry strategy:


Loving Christ

This is about each one of us making a commitment to Jesus by trusting in Him as our Lord and Savior. By putting our faith in Jesus, we become members of the Church, which the Bible calls the Body of Christ. We also believe that this foundational commitment to Christ should always lead to committed membership in a local church, like Wayside.

Related ministries: Immersion Class (for water baptisms), Commitment Class (for church membership), and Parent Dedications.

Commitment to Christ and His Church provides a foundation for experiencing true, biblical community.



Loving One Another in Christ

We believe that the Bible describes what Christian community should look like, and we also think that many Christians aren't experiencing such community. Our hope is that the people of Wayside would experience and live out the biblical commands to love one another, carry each other's burdens, encourage and pray for one another, etc.

Related ministries: Worship Services, Ministry Teams, and Community Groups.

Community provides the relational/ social context for our growth and development as Christians, our spiritual cultivation.



Learning from Christ

The Bible is clear that God causes spiritual growth in our individual lives and in our corporate life together as a church. However, it is also clear that we have a part to play in helping one another grow up towards maturity in Christ. This value is all about fulfilling Christ's command to teach His disciples to obey all that He commanded.

Related ministries: Sermons, Seminars, Classes, Discipleship Studies and Bible-Reading Plans.

Cultivation isn't just about knowing more about Jesus, it's about living like Jesus by making disciples through collaboration with other Christians in Gospel ministry.


Living like Christ

This is about partnering with other Christians to fulfill the mission of the Church by bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to everyone, both locally and globally. 

Related ministries: Evangelism, Mission Trips, and Supporting Local and Global Missionaries and Missions Organizations.

Collaboration for the purpose of spreading the Gospel, empowered by the Holy Spirit, will bear spiritual fruit as people far from God respond to the message of God's grace by making a commitment to Jesus as their personal Savior by trusting in Him.